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Get expert advice to ensure transactions made on selling a business asset, shares or property are structured as tax-efficiently as possible. Minimise any Capital Gains Tax that may occur with our help.
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Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is levied on the disposal of chargeable assets by any UK-resident individual – the laws around it, however, can be pretty complex. That’s where we at Lyel Accountants come in.

As a specialist tax consultancy, we offer tailored Capital Gains Tax strategies to individuals in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and anywhere else across the UK. So what is Capital Gains Tax? Essentially, it’s a tax on the profit when an asset that has increased in value is sold or disposed of. Such assets could include:
  • Shares not held in a PEP or ISA
  • A business asset such as plant and machinery
  • Property apart from your main home
  • Your main home in any of the following circumstances if:
    • It hasn’t always been your main home
    • You have let it at any point in time
    • You’re using it as a place of business
    • It has a significant amount of land attached to it
  • Most personal possessions that are worth more than £6,000
The rate of Capital Gains Tax levied will depend on the nature of the asset being sold and your taxable income. Whether you’re selling off your entire portfolio of assets or just a part of it, we at Lyel Accountants would be happy to help you out. Get in touch
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Based on an initial consultation, we can craft a tailored strategy that helps mitigate or defer your Capital Gains Tax while ensuring you’re in full compliance with the law. The services we can help you with include the following:

  • Transfer assets into trusts
  • Structure investments for longer-term gains and tax efficiency
  • Offer advice on Capital Gains Tax implications for non-residents
  • Transfer business assets between family members for tax efficiency
  • Claim tax deductions on enhancement expenses and professional fees
  • Keep you updated on any changes in tax laws or Capital Gains Tax rates
  • Take into account other taxes that might apply, such as wealth or inheritance tax
  • Defer Capital Gains Tax liabilities by investing in an Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
  • Getting a reduced 10% Capital Gains Tax rate through investors’ relief or entrepreneur’s relief
  • Claim applicable tax reliefs when you replace or gift business assets or elect your principal private residence
…and the list goes on! We’ll calculate your tax liability and prepare and submit your Capital Gains Tax return within the 60-day limit to report residential property gains and make tax payments to HMRC. Work with a Lyel Capital Gains Tax specialist accountant. Sort out CGT! Contact us today

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